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​I am certain you will not find another medical office quite like ours. That’s because we are more than a doctor’s office, we are a health care team. All of us, from the receptionists to the physicians and everyone in between, have but one central goal to partner with you and your family to optimize your health and sense of well being. What makes our office so different? 

We follow you across the healthcare spectrum, our physicians are in the office, in the hospital and in the home. 

All our medical professionals and support staff thrive on collaboration and teamwork. Our 24/7 accessibility, culture of patient safety, our commitment to comprehensive and continuous care across the entire healthcare spectrum are just some of the characteristics that distinguishes us from the typical doctor’s office. These qualities have won us national and statewide recognition. In March 2006, Family Medicine, Geriatrics and Wellness (FMGW) was one of 36 medical practices selected by the American Academy of Family Practice from a field of over 300 applicants to participate in their Future of Family Medicine national demonstration project. Then, in May 2008 FMGW became one of 35 practices in southeastern Pennsylvania to begin the Chronic Care Initiative (CCI) administered by the Governor’s Office for Healthcare Reform. During that program FMGW became one of the first ten practices in the country to be recognized as a Level 3 (the highest level) Patient Centered Medical Home. We are currently a Level 2 Patient Centered Medical Home recognized by the National Committee of Quality Assurance. We currently participate in Phase Two of Patient Centered Medical Home Demonstration Project with Medicare, Independence Blue Cross and Aetna.

We have RN Health Coaches and Case Managers assisting our Certified Nurse Practitioners and Physicians to coordinate the comprehensive proactive healthcare delivery that typifies our practice. Our support staff is comprised of friendly receptionists, personally trained medical assistants, back-office workers and myself, the practice administrator - all of whom are considered vital members of our patient-centered team. We have the latest in medical technologies including our certified Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system in which we use Meaningful Use . We offer an internet-based patient portal for viewing lab results and as an alternate way of communicating with our staff when the office is closed or with your provider directly and privately. Our staff participates in an outreach program to engage you in YOUR healthcare needs using our EMR database on a daily basis reporting to us about patients who need appointments or who are behind in their preventative health activities such as colonoscopies or yearly mammograms and Pap smears. We don't use an automated system for our Outreach, our team members reach out to your personally depending on your preference, phone or email. Though we have the latest technologies and delivery systems, each member of our medical and support staff knows the importance of a personal greeting and courteous compassionate conduct for establishing and maintaining a healing environment. When we are not assisting another patient, we still answer our phones personally and greet all our patients with a smile.

Since 2006, Family Medicine, Geriatrics and Wellness has been at the vanguard developing the patient-centered medical home model. This new model for delivering patient-centered primary care services fits perfectly with the emerging trends for improving the way we care for chronic disease. With the proper support from Washington and the insurance industry, physicians and engaged patients within the medical home model will truly transform our fragmented wasteful healthcare system and reverse the deleterious effects it is having on our economy. With adequate payment reform and a vigorous transformation of PCP’s to the medical home model, we can properly aligned the incentives and convert the way we care for each other into a highly efficient system that works for all America. This is our mission and we invite you to join us and learn more about how physicians and patients together can truly be the pivotal agents for healthcare reform.

Our goals are simple: 

Improve the Quality of Primary Care

Improve the Patient Experience

Lower Healthcare Costs

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More than a doctor's office, we are a Health Care Team